Here you will find our most common questions and Answers

How are the taxes taken out; how are they calculated?

The Taxes that are being taken out is a standard 30%, It will be taken out with every winning trade for Capital Gains tax. If the trade is not a winner, it will track the loss and have a total at the end of the year for write-offs. You can check your state’s “short-term” capital gain tax and check the federal tax rates here.

How does the bot make money?

The bot is designed with a simple, yet well-tested strategy that will work in either a bull or bear market. It buys when it’s in an uptrend(bull market) and sells when it’s in a downtrend(bear market). The bot takes profits after a buy when it triggers at certain points on an uptrend. The take profit amount is set to 10% and changeable, as well.

How is the bot better than just holding your Investment?

It depends on if you are a long-term holder or want to make additional profits on your original investment. If you want to make more on your original investment, then the FCT Bot is an option for you. The FCT Bot can make additional profits by buying low and selling high, with Futures enabled; It will buy Long and Buy Shorts, which makes it so you can make profits on an uptrend or a downtrend. All bots have risk involved, so always trade with what you are willing to lose.

Will there be a more user-friendly interface in the future?

More updates are being implemented all the time. A more friendly interface will be available on the next website update. It will have a better profile page as well as sections where you can keep track of your profits and real-time data.

Where can I leave feedback?

Any feedback, concerns, or otherwise can be left on our feedback page or our contact page.

Can the Bot lose me Money?

Yes. The bot is not 100% accurate, and it is not possible to have 100% accuracy due to not knowing the future of the market. It will have losses due to sudden Market Manipulation or bad news, this will cause a Stop Loss to be triggered and an option for the bot to make the loss back. Check out our Disclaimers, Terms & Services, and Privacy Policy to know more about risks(Always invest with what you are willing to lose).

How was the Strategy Designed?

The strategy was designed with a breakout Algorithm that will enter the trade based on the Algorithm and adjust a trailing Take Profit and Trailing Stop Loss based on the amount of profit the bot makes.