January 9, 2022

FCT – Begins!

Fighting Chance Trades has been in Development for the past year and a half, and with a Community-Driven project that you can be apart of. FCT was made for everyone that’s interested in investing and make profits on their investments while they sleep. With FCT you don’t have to set up any strategies or try and learn something before you can use it and start earning. FCT’s Version 1 Bots will have some setup time to get activated and linked up to your Exchange, once that process is done there will be no additional setups after the initial setup. FCT is a “Plug & Play” bot, enter your Private Key from your Exchange into the files sent to you, and let the bot run. Our team has been developing this strategy for our ETH bot for the past year with great backtesting and with real funds. FCT’s Version 2 bots(in the works now) will have a simple user-friendly interface that will be within your profile page. Other updates coming. Stay Tuned!